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    Finding the Best Home Insurance Companies

    Buying a home is probably the biggest decision you will ever make when it comes to making an investment. After all, this is where most of your money will go to but one that can be enjoyed by you and your family for a very long time. However, paying for[]
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    How To Calculate the Cost of Homeowners Insurance

    Because of natural disasters and other unfortunate incidents that happen in succession these days, it’s no wonder that a lot of people would like to avail of home insurance in order to protect the cost of their home and their valuable possessions within it or to get adequate funding should[]
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    Property Coverage Limits – Content Insurance And Our Home & Renter’s 101

    People always tout the importance of having a comprehensive homeowner policy but there’s much more to it than just signing your name on a document. As a homeowner, you’re responsible for protecting the structure of your home and other buildings on your property but what about the contents of your[]
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    Dangerous Dogs And Your Home Insurance Policy – Or: The Insurer’s Stance on “Bad Dogs vs. Bad Owners”

    In Westwego, Louisiana, a woman’s life will never be the same. Linda Henry, aged 54, was attacked by three of her own pit bulls inside her house. Following the attack, she was taken to the hospital but was in critical condition. The pit bulls took an ear, an eye, ripped[]
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    The Most Common Homeowners Insurance Claims And How To Protect Yourself

    Your house is the most valuable asset that you can purchase in this life time. It is your responsibility to ensure that the building and all of its contents are properly insured in case the unthinkable happens. There are many types of home insurance policies out there that can cover[]
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    Homeowners Insurance Fire Policy

    Fire is one of the most common reasons why homeowners claim their insurance policy. This type of calamity can occur unexpectedly due to outside weather conditions or it can be man-made. The good news is that most homeowner’s insurance policies cover fire but the coverage can depend on the plan[]
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    Umbrella Liability Insurance – What Homeowners Can Learn From Indianapolis Fraudulent Insurance Home Explosion

    The story of the Indianapolis home explosion a few months ago was the ‘poster child’ scenario for exactly why we have insurance – and of insurance fraud gone wrong. It quickly went from an accidental explosion to being ruled a planned insurance fraud scam. That scam costs the lives of[]
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    Rain And Hail Insurance Wracks Up $3.9 Billion For Policyholders

    Apart from those living in California and Florida, it seems that almost every other state out there has made numerous claims when it comes to hail damage.  According to a recent State Farm report, the amount of damage that has been caused by wind and hail has cost this one[]
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    The Necessity of Renters Insurance

    There are a lot of tenants who become complacent while renting a home or an apartment believing that nothing bad will happen to them. However, this kind of thinking is dangerous especially when there are plenty of things that can go wrong like being burglarized or a fire breaks out[]
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    Homeowners’ Flood Insurance Guide – What does it Cover, Rates, Programs and Maps

    When flooding occurs, you will definitely be reaching for your wallet to pay for the cost of repairs. Flooding can happen unexpectedly. It might be triggered by natural causes such as torrential rains, snow melting or even overflowing levees. This kind of calamity usually recedes after a while but it[]
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    Understanding Attractive Nuisance and Your Home Insurance

    According to the Law of Torts, the term “attractive nuisance” is used to refer to landowners being held responsible for injuries to trespassing children on their property if the cause of their injury came from dangerous objects or even land condition that can attract the attention of children who are[]
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    Michigan Burning: Fire, Arson and Your Home Insurance Policy

    In Michigan, fires have been burning just recently. Flint, Michigan has been holding steady at the number 1 spot for arson for the past two years and it doesn't seem like the fires are slowing down. In 2012, 352 suspicious fires were recorded and some fires to vacant buildings aren't even included in that[]
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    After Sandy, Sharper Differences Between Claims And Property Values Than Katrina

    Six months after Superstorm Sandy made landfall on the Jersey Shore, causing more than $18 billion in insured losses, most homeowners’ claims have been paid. But the difference between the average homeowners’ payout and the average home value is large, and the situation is drawing renewed attention to problem of[]
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    Hosting the Super Bowl? Check your Homeowner’s Liability Policy!

    Some stand by the fact that baseball is America’s sport but the popularity of football has some people questioning that notion. Each year, two teams converge in the ultimate game, the Super Bowl. It doesn't  matter whether you’re a fan or not, if you like football you will probably be there[]